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Specialist supplier of  Belbin Team Role Reports for over 30 years

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Working in close collaboration with Belbin Associates for over 30 years CERT specialises in helping internal and independent HR and training specialists utilise the Belbin methodology to enhance Individual, Team and Organisation performance.

We are here to help you successfully deploy the Belbin methjodology

This includes sharing with you our experience and the extensive collection of exercises, tools and material we have developed over many years, all FREE of charge to our clients.

We don’t just supply you with Belbin reports, we will help you to put them to good use to bring about tangible performance improvements.

There is much more to Belbin than team building…

Maximise performance Maximising the Contribution of Each Person

Identify natural talents and preferences using Belbin and utilise this information to maximise performance.

Maximising the contribution of each person

Use  the Belbin Working Relationship reports to elicit causes of possible conflict and to promote productive partnerships.

Building productive working relationships

Productive working relationships

Just as in sport high performing teams need carefully selecting and developing. The Belbin Team reports provide vital information to help with this.

Selecting and developing high performing teams

High performing teams

Utilise the Belbin Job reports to help match people to jobs that align with their natural motivations and reap the rewards of enduring high performance.

Matching people to the right jobs

Matching people to the right jobs Belbin Team Role Report 1

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