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These sample pages from the Belbin Individual report give an indication of the scope of the valuable advisory and diagnostic information provided

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As an approved supplier of Belbin reports for 40 years we have learned a thing or two.  For example, we know all of the options for obtaining Belbin reports and are therefore able to guide you on how to find the best price and service for your specific needs.

Furthermore, we will be pleased to guide you on how you can use the Belbin reports to bring about individual, team and organisation performance improvements and thereby get a return on your investment.

We provide you with the very latest materials and FREE phone and email support

Long gone are the days when you could use the free paper based self-scoring Belbin Self Perception Inventory (Also known as the Belbin Test or Questionnaire) The latest version of the Belbin Assessments include the Self Perception Inventory, Observer Assessments and Job Assessments. These assessments are now processed and normalised using the highly developed Belbin Interplace computer system. 

With prices ranging from £10 to £35 for an individual report and from £15 to £75 for the other reports you will need some guidance on what is the best option for you. We are here to help you with this and to try and ensure that obtaining the Belbin reports you need will cost you as little as possible.

All prices are subject to VAT where applicable.

The Belbin reports cover much more than team building

Let us emphasise again that the Belbin reports have a much wider application than team building and team development.

The Belbin Interplace system generates a comprehensive range of advisory and diagnostic reports.  In addition to the individual reports there are other reports that help with improving individual, team and organisation performance.

Building productive working relationships between work colleagues

Matching people to the right jobs for enduring high performance

Selecting and developing highly effective teams

Get free copies of the full range of Belbin assessments and reports

As the full scope of the reports cannot be shown on our website, particularly if you are using a mobile phone or tablet, we invite you to obtain a full set of the latest Belbin assessments and reports free of charge.  You can Download them or Email Us  and we will send you them in PDF format.

Belbin assessments and reports are available in a wide range of Languages

We will be pleased to advise you on how to access all of the 20 plus language options and, where appropriate, introduce you to the Belbin Distributor for the country.

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