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Okay, we may be getting on a bit but one thing that hasn't diminished over the years is the pleasure we get from helping you.  That's why you will find us at our workstations most days.  We are not martyrs, we simply enjoy what we are doing and are living testament to the words of wisdom attributed to Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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Ann Watson

If you have nothing better to do and would like to know a bit more about us read on

Let’s start with Ann as she is the brains while I might be described as being the brawn of the partnership.

Ann Holds a BscHons degree in psychology and is a Plant-Completer Finisher.  So in addition to being very bright she generates ideas at a speed most of us struggle to keep up with and then she actually follows them through in a detailed and meticulous manner.

Before committing herself fully to CERT around 1990 she was a director of two retail business.

Ann is noted for using her psychology qualifications in a practical and helpful way rather than making things complicated.  A session with Ann typically leads to people saying things like: “Thanks, you have explained things to me much clearer than anyone else I have worked with”.

Ann’s areas of specialisation  

As a Shaper-Resource Investigator my contribution is more about advocacy and getting things done.

On one occasion at a conference in Australian I was introduced as someone who was likely to say: “Let’s get the plane off the ground. We can finish designing the wings when we are up there.” Now, this was a bit unfair and a gross exaggeration, but, I have to admit there is a grain of truth in it.  

What about my qualifications.  Mmm, I haven’t any really unless you count my VHF Radio Operator’s Licence.    

Before helping to setup CERT in the early 1980’s  I was chairman of a major marketing group and director of two retail organisations.

I regard myself as a practical "hands-on" businessman with a passion for unleashing the potential of people.

I suppose my practical and down to earth approach and sheer determination has enabled me to achieve so much with so many organisations around the world over the last 40 years or so.  I must acknowledge though that these achievements have not entirely been due to my efforts.  In every case it has been the result of forging close partnerships with key people within the organisations or local independent consultants.

My areas of specialisation

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